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Royals' Fans resigned to acquiring Francoeur

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Folks in Kansas City seem resigned to the fact that Royals’ GM Dayton Moore wants Jeff Francoeur from the Mets, even if they are anything but happy about it.

— Here is how Royals Review summed up its annoyance at this potential deal.

It’s time. Let’s just go ahead and get it over with and move on to Plan B. Your GM can’t get over Jeff Francoeur until he’s gotten him, after all. Better still, your owner can’t realize he has to make a change until his GM just absolutely leaves no doubt.

Francoeur’s good and overpaid now, which makes it even better. He’s a better Moorean fit now. Well, he’s still a little young, but when you can snag one of the worst outfielders in the game for what’s left of a $5 million dollar salary. You do it. You do it every time. Assuming you’re incompetent. I mean, heck, it’s almost like he’s got better numbers than Mitch Maier. Almost.

Ex-Brave, impatient as hell, a pure out machine, out-sized reputation based on last generation’s methods, getting expensive, all of it. The perfect package. The only worry is that he’ll be overshadowed on the roster. It’ll be a tough choice to make for the apologists on that rare day when Yuni and Frenchy both make good plays in the same inning.

— The folks at Kings of Kauffman are not very happy, either.

— On the flip side, NY Baseball Digest doesn’t care what the Mets get from Kansas City for Francoeur, Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo. They see addition by subtraction.