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Stark: Deal Was 'Never Close'

ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported early this morning that the Yankees have refused Arizona’s request for Joba Chamberlain in a proposed trade for Dan Haren.

The two teams did swap names Friday, the source said. But the Yankees rejected a Diamondbacks proposal that would have sent Joba Chamberlain, highly regarded pitching prospect Ivan Nova and two other prospects to Arizona for Haren.

The Yankees, instead, have proposed an entirely prospect-based deal, which Arizona rejected. Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall told reporters in Phoenix that other teams had made offers of “at least equal value” to what the Yankees proposed.

Chamberlain for Haren straight-up might a deal worth thinking about for the Yankees. Chamberlain PLUS all those prospects, including the highly-regarded Ivan Nova for a starting pitcher who probably is not a priority, would be a mistake.