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Donnie Walsh Is Grooming Allan Houston For General Manager Role

Allan Houston was reported to be the top candidate as general manager for the Knicks, but team president Donnie Walsh dismissed that report – at least for now.

“I don’t have a job for a G.M. I’ve said that consistently,” Walsh said.

That doesn’t mean Houston isn’t the top candidate in the future, though.

A person with close ties to the franchise said that Houston, 39, is “being groomed to take over” when Walsh retires. There are two years left on Walsh’s contract — including a team option in 2011-12 — and Walsh said he intends to fulfill them.

As for Houston some day succeeding him, Walsh said the subject has never been discussed and there was no arrangement in place.

“I’m grooming Allan to become a general manager, whether it’s with the Knicks or elsewhere,” he said.