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Knicks Might Not Have Pieces To Deal For Paul

Do the New York Knicks have the right pieces to pull off a trade for New Orleans’ disgruntled star point guard Chris Paul?

Maybe not, according to

He’s been on the Knicks’ list since the end of last season, even before. And Paul has been hinting at getting out since then, too.

The problem: They don’t exactly have much of anything the Hornets want, except Danilo Gallinari. Maybe LSU product Anthony Randolph.

Scratch Raymond Felton, meanwhile, as a potential trade chip until December 15, as he can’t be traded until then because of free-agent signing rules.

And if you’re thinking Eddy Curry and his expiring $11.3 million contract to knock off a good portion of the $14.9 million Paul is due this year, the Hornets would certainly have to get Gallo or Randolph, probably something more than Wilson Chandler as part of the package, to even think of doing something with the Knicks.

Are Knicks’ fans in for more disappointment? Maybe, but at least they have something to talk about.