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Did Lamoriello Know That The Deal Was Going To Be Rejected Before The Kovalchuk Press Confrence?

According to the NY Post, Lou Lamoriello was “informed” by the NHL that they were most likely going to reject the offer. Here is a highlight from the full story:

It wasn’t official until last night, but a high source told The Post today that the NHLhad contacted the Devils – before yesterday’s press conference – to alert them to the likelihood that the league was going to reject Ilya Kovalchuk’s 17-year contract.

Another source said the Devils “absolutely” knew, confirming an ESPN report.

The Devils apparently went through with their press conference in order to seal their position and set in motion the chain of events that will likely lead to arbitration, which is expected to force the NHL to accept and register the deal.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. I understand Lou not wanting to cancel the press conference because it would be an embarrassing situation for the Devils, but I don’t see how going through with it and then having it blow up in the Devils face is any better.

Anyway, this situation is getting wierder by the minute. And we will have it all for you here when it happens.