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Girardi To Cubs Talk Hits Yankees Press

We saw how Chicago people felt about Joe Girardi’s potential homecoming as manager of the Chicago Cubs, but today we got a sampling of how the New York media feels. Joel Sherman at the New York Post seems to think the Cubs will have some place in Girardi’s heart, but I think the line of the day goes to ex-Deadspin editor Will Leitch over at New York Magazine.

If Girardi wins another World Series in New York, well, that’s great, we’ll factor that into your next contract “negotiations,” Joe, but don’t forget, if there’s a year you don’t win one, everyone will let you know about it every day. If Girardi wins a World Series in Chicago? He’ll be on the cover of Time.

Having lived amongst Cubs fans and Yankees fans, this is overwhelmingly true. But if online polls are any indicator, those same Cubs fans would rather see ex-Cubbie hero Ryne Sandberg take over the club – something he expressed interest in doing earlier today.