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Should The Jets Go After Terrell Owens?

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Here is a question for you to chew on, New York Jets' fans. Do you want the mercurial Terrell Owens on your football team in 2010?

Pro Football Talk today lists the Jets among the possible landing spots for the still-without-a-team T.O. I have no idea where PFT's Mike Florio is getting his intel, or if he is just shooting from the hip on this one, but here is T.O. to the Jets rationale.

Santonio Holmes will be suspended four games to start the season, and the Jets currently are in the business of rounding up recognizable names. Owens may be willing to take a lot less money if it means playing for a high-profile team that could help launch an acting career -- if he can find a way into the spotlight with guys like Braylon Edwards and Jason Taylor having similar aspirations. It's possible that the Jets are laying in the weeds until the restrictions of the Final Eight Plan lift on July 24.

Team after team have given the immensely talented, yet obviously troubled Owens throughout his career. Each one trying to get some return, then cut and run before T.O. implodes and taken them down with him. That hasn't always worked, as Philadelphia and Dallas can attest.

So, Jets' fans. We know you have Super Bowl aspirations this season. We know receiver might still be a question mark. Are you willing to take on T.O., in hopes that you catch lightning in a bottle rather than before he blows up your locker room?

Owens is 37 now, and just one of his All-Pro seasons (2007) has come since 2004. His production has declined in each of the last four seasons, and his 55 catches with Buffalo in 2009 is the lowest full-season total since his rookie season of 1996.

Do you think he has enough left in the tank to help you win a Super Bowl? Even if he does, is he worth the risk?