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NY Teams Hit Up Second City

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh decided to make Chicago their base for making free agency decisions, Wade because he's a hometown Chicago boy, and Bosh because... he's a copycat? Anyway, this obviously meant both the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets had to man up and visit Chi-town.

Last night, Wade met with the Nets for about two hours, coming away “impressed”, to be as non-committal as possible. Afterwards, he met Chris Bosh for dinner. They took a photo!

Today, it was New York’s turn, as Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni continued their Midwestern tour, meeting Wade in a Chicago hotel.

Wade got out of a black Suburban and told reporters he was is “in a New York state of mind right now, so we’ll see” how it goes. Earlier, he tweeted that he got up early for “Another day of pondering my future. … Things are interesting to say the least.”

Intriguingly, I also hate Dwyane Wade for actually saying he was in a New York state of mind. This whole process is wrecking my brain.