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Kovalchuk Re-Signs With New Jersey Devils

In a surprise move, the New Jersey Devils managed to re-sign the superstar winger to a contract.

Although contract details have not yet been announced TSN is reporting the deal to be done.

It looks like Ilya Kovalchuk is staying in New Jersey.

According to the team’s official Twitter account, the winger has signed a contract and will have a press conference to announce the deal on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Kovalchuk’s agent Jay Grossman said on Twitter: “Ilya Kovalchuk will make his decision today (for sure, this time!)”.

While we don’t know the terms yet, one would have to imagine that it is at least an $8 million-dollar deal. The love affair between Lou Lamoriello and Kovalchuck never seemed to end, and Lamorilello was always confident that he could get the winger under contract. Now the Devils have some cap space issues that they have to work out, but for now they have to be feeling pretty good about themselves.

We will have more for you here when it breaks. Until then check out In Lou We Trust for more on the situation.