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Kovalchuk To Kings Now '50/50'

The Ilya Kovalchuk watch will seemingly never end.

A report earlier in the day indicated a deal with the Los Angeles Kings was nearly complete. Now, however, that does not seem completely accurate.

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said the Devils remain in the quest.

Kovalchuk is believed to favor Los Angeles over Newark, all things being equal, but it appeared they weren’t equal for the first two weeks of this bidding. Kovalchuk was said to be ready to rejoin New Jersey on July 5, but is believed to have decided late to give the Kings another chance, then another, and now another. He made a visit to Los Angeles early this week and it is thought talks took off from there.

I wish the guy would just decide already. This is feeling like a soap opera that has been on the air too long.