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'We Expect To Win Every Year'

Even with George Steinbrenner gone, do not expect the New York Yankees to spend less money, or care about winning any less.

Little figures to change in the operation of the New York Yankees following George Steinbrenner’s death Tuesday at age 80. His role for several years had been to give approval to decisions already made by the pinstriped management team he put in place.

In the second season of their $1.5 billion new Yankee Stadium, the team has unrivaled resources other franchises can’t even dream of.

“We expect to win every year. We’ve said that. We always say that,” Hal Steinbrenner said last July. “Our job is to field a championship-caliber team every year.”

As we have seen the past few seasons, the Yankees will just do it from now on with a lot less flair from the front office.