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Hall Of Famer Lawrence Taylor Pleads Not Guilty To Rape Charge

Longtime menacing linebacker Lawrence Taylor plead not guilty on Tuesday to an indictment that alleges that he had sex with an underage 16-year old girl in a New York hotel room in early May. Taylor was less than contrite from the sound of it, ripping off several snarky quips throughout the day.

In the gallery, before his case was called, Taylor, 51, smiled, looked around and said, "It must be a slow news day." He also said to a friend, "You're not playing golf today, are you?"

Earlier, when a reporter asked outside court if he was guilty, Taylor responded, "Grow up."

L.T.'s defense attorney Arthur Aidala said that his client would challenge the girl's identification of him. Hmm, not so sure about that strategy. Not that the young lass couldn't have made a mistake with who she thought she was interacting with, but let's see, it's not as if Taylor isn't fairly recognizable - from his days patrolling NFL fields to his time on Dancing With The Stars.

We'll see what transpires, but if justice needs to be served in order for L.T. to get his life on track, then so be it. Giants fans will hold fond memories of him regardless.