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Remembering The Boss: Tributes To Steinbrenner Pouring In

With the passing of New York Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner, the tributes to The Boss are coming in. Following are items from Twitter, SB Nation New York staff and other places remembering the legendary Yankee owner.

Joba Chamberlain via Twitter.

We all suffered a huge loss today! Mr. Steinbrenner was a great man, great owner, that did so many amazing things. You will truly be missed!

From Jason Rosenberg.

Wondering if The Boss is arguing with Billy Martin right now. Probably.

From's Jon Heyman.

biggest memory of george was his return march 1, 1993, in ft. lauderdale. he was in all his glory. seems like yesterday.

The Sporting News calls Steinbrenner a "larger than life baseball icon."

From Islesblogger.

RIP Boss man, thanks for restoring glory to the #Yankees, you got to see one more championship. This year is for you!

From Kim Jones of the YES Network.

"He was an incredible and charitable man. First and foremost he was devoted to his entire family."

From Mike Petraglia.

Love him, revere him or despise him George Steinbrenner was most significant person in baseball since Jackie Robinson. RIP

The YankeeU.

I've got chills. Kinda surprised its hitting me like this. He was an owner that thought like a fan. All he wanted was to win. RIP The Boss.