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Morning Coffee! Home Run Derby Brings Temporary Yankees-Red Sox Truce

So David Ortiz won the Home Run Derby Monday night. Did you happen to notice who was pitching to Big Papi during the contest? New York Yankees' bench coach Tony Pena, that's who. 

"We are here for the fans," Ortiz said. "It's not a Yankees-Boston situation."

Maybe so. Still, a little bit weird to watch. Don't forget to visit Pinstripe Alley for all your Yankee news and discussion.

The New York Mets are looking forward to the return of outfielder Carlos Beltran. Our friends at Amazin' Avenue are taking advantage of the All-Star Break to review the Mets' farm system.

The New Jersey Nets may be disappoointed about not getting LeBron James. New Jersey has signed four free agents, however, and Nets Daily examines how the Nets are picking up the pieces after a 12-70 season.

Training camps may still be a few weeks away, but there is always football to talk about. Big Blue View is continuing its 'Giants By The Numbers' series. Gang Green Nation is discussing the possibility that the New York Jets may be bringing in veteran backup quarterback Mark Brunell

Over at SB Nation's New York Islanders' website, Lighthouse Hockey, the exasperated discussion revolves around the building the team plays in.

Coming Up Today

  • Rejoice, soccer fans! It looks like French star Thierry Henry will be joining the New York Red Bulls soon. Here at SB Nation New York we are following the developments in that story, and will bring them to you as quickly as we can.
  • The All-Star Game is tonight. Check back later today as we will be naming our own 2010 New York Baseball All-Star Team.