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Thierry Henry Expected To Join Red Bulls This Week

Thierry Henry's move to the MLS has been speculated upon for a long while now. It appears to be nearing reality.

Here is the latest report.

"Thierry is still a world-class player," said [Steve] Nash, a former [Dallas] Mavericks star. "We've seen players come over before who showed how great they were, but not necessarily every night.

"I think he's still capable of bringing it at the highest level," Nash added. "It's amazing that he's willing to come over at this stage of his career, to be honest. It's a big coup for Red Bull and MLS as well."

For the last two years, there has been speculation that Henry might come to the States. The 32-year-old former Arsenal and Barcelona star even said about 13 months ago that he would like to live in New York and play in MLS.

The door opened recently when Henry and Barcelona agreed to part ways, meaning the Red Bulls wouldn't have to pay a transfer fee to sign him.

We will be following this story closely here at SB Nation New York. We will do our best to keep you up to date.