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Top Five NY All-Star Performances Of The Past Decade

With the Midsummer Classic set for Tuesday night, let's take a look back at some of the New York stars who excelled the most at All-Star Games over the past 10 years.

1. Jose Reyes, 2007: Had the NL won in 2007 -- and if Tony La Russa hadn't stubbornly kept Albert Pujols on the bench, hitting Aaron Rowand with the bases loaded in the ninth inning instead, the NL very well might have -- Reyes would have been the MVP of the game. Reyes had three hits, including a double, and stole a base as well.

2. Derek Jeter 2004: In a 9-4 drubbing of the NL, Jeter was right in the middle of much of the damage, contributing three singles and scoring a run.

3. David Wright, 2006: Not only did David Wright hit a home run, he did so off of Kenny Rogers, providing Mets fans with a measure of revenge for the last pitch of their 1999 season.

4. Derek Jeter, 2001: With the AL ahead just 2-1 in the sixth inning, Jeter took Jon Lieber deep, giving the AL insurance in an eventual 4-1 victory.

5. Mariano Rivera, Always: I mean, he's Mariano Rivera. 2009? Scoreless ninth, save. 2008? An inning and two-thirds over the ninth and tenth, scoreless. 2006? Scoreless ninth, preserving a one-run win. 2005? A strikeout to end the game, another save. And so it goes -- 2004 scoreless inning, 2002 scoreless inning -- like his career, it is hard to pick out the times he went above and beyond -- but it is far more difficult to find the times he faltered.