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Bobcats Allow Felton To Leave

The Charlotte Bobcats showed little interest in keeping Raymond Felton, especially after the Knicks signed him to an offer sheet.

Felton had said repeatedly he wanted to remain a Bobcat. He has lived his whole life in the Carolinas, first growing up in Latta, S.C., then winning a national championship with North Carolina in 2005.

But the Bobcats showed little interest in retaining him once he became an unrestricted free agent July 1. Felton turned down a long-term deal last summer that would have paid him about $6 million a year. Then he performed poorly in a playoff sweep by the Orlando Magic, outplayed by Jameer Nelson.

“New York showed the interest,” Felton said in a television interview with Myrtle Beach-area WPDE. "For the fans of Charlotte, I would have loved to be there, loved to have an extended contract in that city.

“I love everything [Charlotte] did for me, supporting me individually and supporting the Bobcats. The city of Charlotte is great.”

The Bobcats might not consider this a loss. The Knicks, however, have to consider it a win. They absolutely had to have a competent point guard to get the ball to Amare Stoudemire.