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Knicks sign... Timofey Mozgov?

I consider myself to know way too much about basketball, but this is straight out of left field. And not Yankee Stadium’s left field, that porch is way too short.

Seth from Posting and Toasting had this to say:


Newsday’s Alan Hahn had this to say:

Not a clue.

But regardless, Timofey Mozgov out of Russia is the newest New York Knick.

Here’s what we know about Mozgov: He’s 23, he plays for Khimki in Russia, he’s 7-foot-1, and he’s apparently a fantastic defender, although that didn't stop him from going undrafted in 2008.

Perhaps the Knicks found a gem. Whether it’s a good call to sign such a gem to a three-year, $9.7 million contract in addition to a $500,000 buyout of his current European contract when nobody – even some draft experts – seem particularly high on the guy, is questionable. Furthermore, Knicks fans have had a tendency to be a little bit xenophobic when it comes to incoming players since the horrendous Frederic Weis draft pick. But if Danilo Gallinari’s path from overwhelmingly loud draft night booing to fan favorite has shown anything, its that New Yorkers will accept anybody if he can play.