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Islanders Prospect Camp Scrimmage Tonight

Hey folks, I'm out in Uniondale tonight at the Coliseum for some hockey in July, which might as well be Christmas in July for me.  The Islanders have been hosting their prospect camp all week at Islanders Iceworks, but the kids get to move into the big house tonight.  They'll be splitting into two teams and battling it out in front of paying Long Island fans in an NHL arena.  This should be exciting.  I figure I'll update this before the game, and then after each period with some insight, analysis and anything else I can find out from the Island this evening.  If you can't make it, the Isles are streaming live coverage on their most excellent website.  

In the comments, feel free to leave any questions or things you'd like me to look out for this evening, and as always, for more Isles news and notes, visit Lighthouse Hockey.  Talk to you shortly!