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Morning Coffee! No One is Crying For The Yankees

The New York Yankees are ticked off at the Seattle Mariners, feeling they were blatantly misled by Seattle in Friday's Cliff Lee saga. 

The Mariners probably did play the Yankees, there is no way we can know for certain. What I do know is no one else in baseball will feel badly for the Bronx Bombers. Not with their 27th World Series title in their back pocket, with the current best record in baseball and with three starting pitchers already having double digits in victories.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post was all over the story Friday. Today, he has a terrific analysis of why the Yankees wanted Lee so badly right now -- and why they feel used by the Mariners. Pinstripe Alley

  • The New York Mets were hoping to gain ground in the NL East Friday, but a go-ahead home run from old Yankee friend Melky Cabrera helped Atlanta win, 4-2, and stretch its division lead to four games. Amazin' Avenue
  • The New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets continued moving on after missing out on LeBron James. The Knicks have apparently found their point guard, nearing a deal with Raymond Felton. The Nets missed out on Tyrus Thomas, but inked sharp-shooter Anthony Morrow to an offer sheet. I like what the Knicks are doing. In the wake of the Travis Outlaw signing, though, I'm not sure I know what the Nets are doing.
  • The NHL version of the LeBronathon is continuing as free-agent Ilya Kovalchuk still has not selected a team. C'mon, dude, what's it gonna be?