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Avery Johnson And Rod Thorn Discuss LeBron James Recruitment

Dave D’Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger writes that both the head coach and the general manager of the New Jersey Nets have commented on the team’s LeBron James recruitment trip to Ohio today.

At the scene outside the IMG building on East 9th and St. Clair, where dozens of reporters had gathered, the Nets’ recruiters assessed the meeting on the run. As he made his exit, Johnson exulted, “The meeting went very well,” while showing off a folder that included James’ face embossed over the Nets’ logo. Prokhorov merely said he agreed with his coach.

Hours later, team president Thorn texted a simple response to an interview request on his way to Chicago to meet with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh: “We told our story,” Thorn said. “Now we’ll see what happens.”