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You're The Man A-Rod, But Don't Forget To Pay Attention The Details

Alex Rodriguez’s two-run blast in the bottom of the eighth inning put the Yankees ahead and helped New York avoid being swept at home by the Seattle Mariners. When the ball left his bat, A-Rod knew it was gone. He then reacted as if he had just hit a walk-off dinger. He threw his arms in the air and looked to his dugout expecting to see his teammates jumping off the bench to come mob him.

Whoops, wrong inning. Still another half inning to play!

A-Rod sheepishly explained the incident:

“I thought I hit a much bigger home run than I did. I hit it and I looked at A.J. (Burnett) and (Andy) Pettitte and they weren’t jumping over the railing. At that point, I felt like we probably have one more half-inning to play. So it was pretty embarrassing.’’

Good old A-Rod. Even at his best, he’s prone to minor embarrassments.