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The Nets And The Knicks Have Met With LeBron

Let’s see how each team feels.

The New Jersey Nets were first, sending in Mikhail Prokhorov and LeBron James. New Jersey, for one, feels confident. Really, really, really, really confident.

A source close to the Nets said their meeting with LeBron was “tremendous”. How tremendous? “Front runner tremendous.”

As Jadakiss said in the song “New York”, “I’m not cocky, I’m confident.” I’m not sure why I just quoted that, especially considering we’re talking about the team from New Jersey.

As for the team from New York, the Knicks met with James right afterwards. Their pitch might have taken a beating with the purported signing of Joe Johnson to the Atlanta Hawks, but they still feel… well, less confident, via the Daily News.

Former Knick Allan Houston, who was also part of the meeting, said: “(LeBron) didn’t give us much feedback.”

Mike D’Antoni said he tried to put James “in a New York State of Mind”. Original. Purportedly, the focus of the two-hour meeting was LeBron’s ability to build a dynasty in New York.

Anyway, we’ll find out what James is thinking by Monday, according to John Jackson of the Chicago Sun-Times.