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Once A Sports Editor, Always A Sports Editor

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SB Nation New York's Regional Editor begins a 'Get To Know a Blogger' series.

In this handout from the New York Yankees, the 2009 Yankees World Series ring is seen .
In this handout from the New York Yankees, the 2009 Yankees World Series ring is seen .

Since we are just getting started here at SB Nation New York -- we are the new kids who just crashed the New York sports party, loudly! -- I figured we had better get started with some proper introductions.

If you frequent the SB Nation blogs for your favorite New York sports team, and you probably do since you have found us, you may recognize the names and already know a little bit about some of the writers who will be entertaining and informing you here at SB Nation New York.

Still, I want to make sure you know who everybody is, why they came to SB Nation New York (beyond the fact that I asked them to), what they love and hate about New York sports, and what type of stuff you can expect to be reading from them going forward. Thus, I will be doing some "Get To Know A Blogger" type Q&As with our contributors.

Before I do that, though, I need to let you guys know a little bit about myself since I am the Regional Editor (read: head honcho, King, Supreme Ruler, nerd who spends all day every day hunting for news to fill these pages when I'm not on the golf course) here at SB Nation New York.

Thing is, since I am going to do Q&A type posts with everyone else I should probably do my own introductory post in Q&A format. Which means I am about to attempt to do a Q&A ... with myself.

To be honest, I can't begin to fathom what is about to happen. But, here goes anyway.

Q: So, Ed, how did you get this gig with the fancy 'Regional Editor' title?

A: Well, I have been editor of Big Blue View (Giants) since that site started back in February of 2007. I have also been co-lead at Pinstripe Alley (Yankees) since late 2008/early 2009. Apparently, the powers that be in the smoke-filled back rooms of SB Nation HQ think I'm good at what I do. Silly people!

Q: Then, are you a fan of all New York teams or just the Yankees and Giants?

A: I love the Yankees and Giants. And I have to take credit for the championships won recently by each team. The Giants' Super Bowl title was in the first year of Big Blue View. Last season the Yankees won the World Series, and it was my first full season of involvement at Pinstripe Alley. So, yes, you guys can thank me. Or not, depending on your point of view. But, that's how it is.

Anyway, those two teams are my passions. I love good basketball -- I played it in high school, I still coach it at the youth level and I enjoy watching it at any level. Unfortunately, good basketball has not been played in New York -- except maybe in the playgrounds -- for a long time. My chief interest in the Knicks is making fun of them. The Nets? Making fun of them isn't even fun. I barely acknowledge the existence of hockey. I kind of like the Red Bulls, but mostly because my son occasionally attends soccer clinics run by folks connected with the team. College sports? I live upstate, so I'm more inclined to be interested in Syracuse than I am St. John's, Rutgers or Seton Hall.

So ... umm ... yeah, sure my interests qualify me to run this site.

By the way, my personal biases will not impact coverage on this site. I can recognize a story, and will put my feelings aside when necessary. All sports -- and all New York teams -- will be covered properly by the diverse staff we have put together.

Q: Speaking of 'qualifications,' how did you get yourself into this mess in the first place?

A: Well, truth be told, all I ever wanted to be was a Sports Writer/Sports Editor. In the first iteration of my working life that's what I did, winding up as Sports Editor of a pair of daily newspapers. When I became Sports Editor of The Record in my hometown of Troy, N.Y. (a then-mid-size daily) I figured that was it. That was how I would spend the rest of my life.

Ah, but life -- and a publisher I wish I had never met -- had other ideas. I ended up out of the newspaper industry and after bouncing around for a few years and dabbling in this new-fangled 'blogging' business I went full-bore into it the last time I got laid off -- nearly two years ago.

I do this full-time now, and I can almost make a living from it. Even if the wife is still telling people I am unemployed (I think she likes the sympathy).

So, even though it is a different medium it seems my career has come full circle. Right back to where I always wanted it to be in the first place -- being a Sports Editor. After all, that is essentially my role here.

Q: Do you have a favorite New York sports moment? A worst sports moment?

A: Without a doubt, the Giants' Super Bowl victory over the arrogant, snotty 18-0 New England Patriots is the best. Of course, 'wide right' wasn't bad, either. And every Yankee World Series title is worth remembering. I get to go to the store and buy lots of cool hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. And all the people I know who hate the Yankees get all ticked off and grumpy. I like that.

The worst? Yanks vs. Red Sox, 2004. The comeback that never should have happened. I can never yell '1918' at a Red Sox fan again, and life will never be the same.

Q: A final, serious question. What are your hopes for this site?

A: I truly want SB Nation NY to become the first place fans of New York sports teams turn to for information in the morning, as well as throughout the day whenever news happens. We have great writers on staff, the power of a fabulous network behind us and a terrific batch of team blogs to work alongside.

I will do everything I can to make sure SB Nation NY becomes a website you can't live without.