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Nate Robinson Still Taking Shots At New York Knicks

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From the NY Post.

Robinson’s beef with the Knicks seems to date back to last offseason when the Knicks decided to give him and David Lee one-year contracts instead of committing to them long term.

"I'm here now and David, this summer time, he's looking forward to playing on a team that would want him hopefully,'' Robinson told the website.

"I wish the best for D. Lee. Me and him came (to New York) as late first-round picks (Robinson going No. 21 and Lee No. 30 in 2005). We were rookies together. Almost five years on the same team ... and then not getting the, I don't want to say, the respect that we deserved. We paid our dues. But some time this summer (a team will be able) to pay homage to us, I guess.''

Pay homage? Hey, Nate, you are a seldom-used guy on a team trying to win a championship. Instead of worrying about your pay day, try worrying about getting a ring.