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Morning Coffee! Hello, New York!

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Good morning, New York sports fans! Welcome to SB Nation New York, your regional hub for everything about New York sports. We hope you will make this a regular stop every day as you seek information about your favorite teams and players.

SB Nation New York is one of 20 regional hubs being launched by SB Nation this month. The first six of those launched today, and we are thrilled to be in that group.

We have assembled a terrific group of writers who will bring you a look at New York sports from a unique perspective -- that of the fan. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about our staff -- you will recognize most of the names if you frequent our team sites. We are here to add to what the marvelous SB Nation team blogs already provide, and to give you one place to quickly scan and find out what is going on with all of your favorite New York area teams. And yes, we will include New Jersey.

So, what is all this stuff you are looking at and what will you find here on a daily basis?

StoryStreams -- In the carousel across the top and the first box on the left are the top stories, sometimes the latest news and sometimes just our most interesting features. We call them StoryStreams because they are not just single posts. They are 'streams" of news relating to a single topic. Check out the "Give Us Today Our Daily LeBron" StoryStream, which is watching the daily news surrounding LeBron James' impending free agency.

Starting Lineup -- This is a group of links to five interesting stories about New York sports from anywhere around the Inter-Google. Could be from SB Nation writers, could be from anywhere.

Around The Empire -- In the right column is our daily blog. Yes, that mug shot is yours truly (sorry you have to wake up to that every day!). What will you find here? Every morning you will find this 'Morning Coffee' post which will summarize the top stories of the night before, give you a heads-up on what is happening that day and make sure you find the best work from our SB Nation New York staff. Throughout the day you will find short posts added about off-beat or interesting happenings involving our teams and players.

Features -- This is where our writers will show off. You will find some great writing here. We have kicked things off today with dueling opinions about where James should play in 2010. Howard Megdal says James should be a New York Knick. Rodger Sherman, grudgingly, says he should be a New Jersey Net. Also, in his terrific first weekly column, our media expert Steve LePore takes a look at LeBron's impact if he comes to New York or New Jersey.

Showing the power of the SB Nation network of more than 250 team and sport-oriented blogs, you will also find a piece by Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook giving his thoughts on how Yankee Stadium played as a boxing venue Saturday night.

One note. Not every current feature is displayed on our front page. Click your favorite writer's name in the staff box to see all of his latest work.

Team Blogs -- We are here to enhance our team blogs, and make it easier for you to find out what they are talking about. As such, the latest headlines from each New York/New Jersey team site are displayed in the 'SB Nation New York Blogs' section.

Team Pages -- Across the top you will find links to our team pages. These have now been enhanced to include more news and the latest StoryStreams and features from your SB Nation New York staff.


Thanks for dropping in, and please make this a regular stop. Follow us on Twitter at sbnationny. E-mail us with thoughts, suggestions, links at