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Morning Coffee! Stadium "A Fine Host" For Boxing

My primary interest in Saturday night's Stadium Slugfest was not who would win the fight. To be honest, I know zilch about Miguel Cotto and Yuri Foreman.

In fact, I know I messed up and called Cotto "Henry" at first. Must of had the former Yankee outfielder on the brain.

Anyway, my interest was in how Yankee Stadium would play as a venue. Writing for us, Bad Left Hook's' Scott Christ provides the answer.

Top Rank, which promotes both fighters, has shown that sometimes, when you have a fight that isn't exactly a red-hot ticket (this one, Pacquiao-Clottey), you can use a venue as another star. The intrigue surrounding the Cowboys Stadium bout and this one at Yankee Stadium helped both shows as events.

The new Yankee Stadium didn't get off to a roaring start with boxing, perhaps, but it was a fine host for the sport on Saturday night. The main event drew a lot of reaction from those who showed up, and the hope now is that those people will come back next time, and convince others that it's awesome to see a fight in a place like Yankee Stadium. A bigger fight could easily do twice the audience that this one did, and re-establish Yankee Stadium as a major host for big-time boxing.

  • Be sure to check out Steve LePore's initial media column today. Some awesome stuff in there about LeBron James, and a fun feud between Phil Mushnick and Michael Kay.
  • If you are a Yankee fan, you had to know Saturday's 14-inning game with Toronto was lost when Chad Gaudin started warming up. Pinstripe Alley
  • Jonathan Niese made a triumphant return to the Mets in a 6-1 victory Saturday.