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Lebronathon is Here

In a few hours, when the clock strikes midnight, it will be July 1, 2010. 

NBA players whose contracts expired in the 2009-10 season will be available for other teams to negotiate with, which is exactly what the Knicks and Nets have been waiting for since the Jason Kidd and... uh... Isiah Thomas eras of those two franchises. 

Seth at Posting and Toasting urges us to remain zen about the entire experience, and we agree. But whatever happens, happens, and when it happens, we at SB Nation New York will be here to tell you as soon as it goes down.

As of now, it looks unlikely that the Knicks will land any major free agents -- even Joe Johnson appears to be favoring the Hawks, who have offered him a max contract worth a grand total of $27 million more than anything the Knicks can match. The Nets appear to have been slightly more successful with wooing LeBron and others, but, all this is merely conjecture. Even as the day of reckoning arrives... we'll have to wait and see.