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First In Line For Knicks: Mike Miller?

According to Newsday, yes.

At 12:01 tonight, Mike D’Antoni et al will talk to Miller, the on-again off-again three-point specialist from the Washington Wizards, before any other free agent. He made nearly $10 million last year, but obviously the Knicks will expect him to take a salary small enough that they can still sign two max contract free agents.

It should be noted that Miller is absurdly close friends with LeBron - he notoriously wore James' Zoom Soldier LeBron shoes, despite playing for the Wizards, and named his child "Maverick" after James friend/agent Maverick Carter. So there's that.

The meeting will take place in Los Angeles, and afterwards, the Knicks will reportedly meet with Atlanta’s Joe Johnson, who, like Miller, is a contract of agent Arn Tellem. Johnson is reportedly someone the Knicks are willing to offer a max contract to, but has also apparently already received a max contract offer from the Hawks, who, thanks to the Bird Rights clause in the CBA, can offer much more than the Knicks can financially.