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Yankees Want Stadium To Be Year-Round Facility

A baseball stadium? The Yankees see the new Yankee Stadium as more than that.

The “Stadium Slugfest,” as it has been dubbed, is part of the organization’s larger plan to make Yankee Stadium profitable beyond the Bombers’ 81 home dates per year — give or take a few playoff games. The Stadium includes multiple restaurants that are opened year-round, will host its first concert in September starring Jay-Z and Eminem and will stage a Notre Dame-Army college football game on Nov. 20 and the Pinstripe Bowl on Dec. 30.

“When the concept of rebuilding Yankee Stadium came on the board, my initial reaction was that Yankee Stadium has to be all-weather, it has to winterized, it has to be prepared to do every event it can possibly do,” Trost said. “Boxing has been a part of the history here at Yankee Stadium, so that’s what we’re doing.”