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GM: Jets 'Committed' To Extension For Darrelle Revis

Mike Tannenbaum wants to get a new deal done with the Jets’ unhappy star cornerback, Darrelle Revis.

Tannenbaum did not comment on Revis’ absence from today’s OTA session. But the Jets general manager reiterated that the team is “committed” to getting done a long-term extension for the All-Pro cornerback, “within reason.”

“All I can say is Darrelle is everything we believe in, on and off the field,’ Tannenbaum said. “We told him that shortly after the season, losing to the Colts, and we remain committed to that. I’ve said that privately; I’ve said that publicly — he is a foundation for this organization.”

But Tannenbaum also said it was “tough” to estimate when that could happen and said that he is “not a huge deadline guy.”

All of that, of course, means the Jets don’t want to pay Revis what he thinks he is worth. And this might drag on for a while.