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Rangers Waive Trio, Buyouts Imminent?

As per the tweets of Bob McKenzie:

TSNBobMcKenzie Today’s waivers: Oystrick (ANA), Moreau, Nilsson, O’Sullivan (EDM), Fedoruk (TB), Brashear, Rissmiller, Voros (NYR). All buyout eligible.

So the Rangers buyout rumors finally bear some fruit. Although it isn’t Wade Redden—and why would they since it appears they will probably just send him down—it is a trio of players whose services are no longer needed.

Donald Brashear: No surprise here. When Brashear was signed Rangers nation went into an upheaval. They were angry because they thought that Brashear’s 1.4 million dollar salary was too steep, that he was not the enforcer that he used to be and that he would not be effective as a Ranger. Well Ranger fans were right on all three. Brashear had basically no quality fights, and seemed to be injured for a week after every fight. Good riddance to see him gone, the Rangers don’t need him. Now the only question will be if he is bought out or if they leave him in the AHL.

Aaron Voros: Voros started his Ranger career like a man on fire, scoring 8 goals in 12 games. That fire died quickly tough, and he basically turned into a never-used enforcer. After a horrible performance last season—despite some quality opportunities to prove himself by John Tortorella—it was widely speculated that he would be waived this off season. And he was. Since he is in the final year of his contract he may also be bought out, otherwise he will spend his remaining year in Hartford.

Patrick Rissmiller: When he first signed here two years ago he only played in a few games. He didn’t play in any games last season, and he won’t be needed on the Rangers this year either. He is also in the final year of his contract, and may also be bought out.

Again no real surprises. But if any do arise, make sure to keep it here and at Blueshirt Banter for all of your Rangers need.