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C'Mon LeBwon: Two Kids Try to Lure LeBron

Things may be looking bleak with regards to bringing LeBron James to New York, but don't tell these kids.

Their names are Corey and Jason Grant. They're from the Bronx, and their campaign is called #NY<3LeBron - that's hashtag, NY, greater than sign, 3, LeBron - and it's proof that 12-year olds across the world are getting dangerously smart. Altogether, they've gotten 1,817,193 tweets and button presses. The button that's gotten the most play is the one at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in Grand Central (which, if all goes according to plan, will be replaced by LeBron James' Steakhouse by the year 2020), but there's also buttons in such basketball locales as the Cage, Rucker Park, and Junior's Cheesecake, which is delicious. 

Visit their website and click away at

LeBron might have good reasons at this point to go to places with more cap room and better surrounding casts, but, well, if he doesn't come to New York, HE HATES CHILDREN.