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Blueshirt Banter Review of McIlrath

There is a brilliant (well I wrote it so of course it is) review of McIlrath on Blueshirt Banter.

While it might not have been the popular pick, as of right now, McIlrath will be a fan favorite for years to come. The kid fills a pressing need that the Rangers haven’t had since Jeff Beukeboom left.

Here is a little highlight from my story:

While many of you would have preferred Nino Niederreiter, Ryan Johansen or maybe even Jeff Skinner; once those guys were off the board there was no need to go after an offensive defenseman. Right now Michael Del Zotto is filling that position in the NHL and Bobby Sanguinetti and a plethora of other plays are filling it in the minors.

So what the Rangers did, was go out there and draft the biggest, meanest, most effective crease clearer in the draft. And as we all sat in front of our TV’s and computers with our mouths agape, gasping “whaaaaa,” we failed to realize that Clark took a player that filled the exact need we have all been begging for.

How many times have you seen people on this site talking about the need for a crease clearing, bone crunching defenseman? How many times have you seen people say that they would throw millions of dollars at other, older, players of this sort because it was such a pressing need on this team?

There is a full player review in the story itself so in order to get the rest of the story go to