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New York Islanders 2010 NHL Entry Draft Stream

The New York Islanders hold the fifth overall pick in this year's entry draft. Really, as one of the "wild card" picks in the first round -- because there are all different kinds of talent who will be on the board at that turn -- it will be interesting to see what they do with it.

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Here are the official Islanders picks in this year's draft:

  • No. 5 (first round)
  • No. 35 (second round)
  • No. 58 (second round)
  • No. 65 (third round)
  • No. 82 (third round)
  • No. 95 (fourth round)
  • No. 125 (fifth round)
  • No. 155 (sixth round)
  • No. 160 (sixth round)
  • No. 185 (seventh round)