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New York Rangers 2010 NHL Entry Draft Stream

The New York Rangers currently hold the 10thoverall pick at tonight's NHL Entry Draft. There are all kinds of whispers coming out of the Rangers camp that the Rangers only have a select number of players that they want to take, and that they are willing to trade up to keep those players in their crosshairs.

Of course, there are also rumors that they will trade down and take some of their "Plan B" players.

Regardless it will be interesting either way. Make sure to visit Blueshirt Banter who has their own representative -- managing editor Jim Schmiedeberg -- at the draft live!

Here are the Rangers official picks in this year's draft:

  • No. 10 (first round)
  • No. 40 (second round)
  • No. 100 (fourth round)
  • No. 130 (fifth round)
  • No. 190 (seventh round)