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McIlrath "Surprised" to Be Taken By Rangers

Rangers draft pick Dylan McIlrath met with the media after his selection.  Here's the Q & A:

Q. Dylan, what is your first thought?
DYLAN McILRATH: Excitement. I'm just thrilled to be picked Top 10 to a great organization like the Rangers. It's a thrill right now, and I'm just lost in emotions, I guess.

Q. Tell us about what you do for Moose Jaw?
DYLAN McILRATH: My whole on the team, I'm a big, physical "D" man. Try to be hard to play against, and strike fear in the opposition. Also my game is improving. I think I can be a two-way guy, or develop into a two-way guy in the near future.

Q. Did the Rangers talk to you in the combine, or talk about your relationship so far with the Rangers?
DYLAN McILRATH: I had a great meeting with them in the combine, so it was in my head that they were interested. But right before I went to test, one of the guys took me aside and really thought that I was a great player, and I was a great fit for them. It was kind of a nice gesture for him to do that, went out of his way to do that; and it turns out that I go to the Rangers, and I couldn't be happier.

Q. You had three meetings yesterday. The Rangers weren't one of those teams. You thought maybe you were going to go to one of those clubs. Were you a bit surprised that it was 10th, and it was New York?
DYLAN McILRATH: Yeah, to be honest, a little surprised. But in the back of my mind, I knew they were a team that was interested. But, other with the other four teams I was thinking it was one of them.
But you can never read too far into things like that. Teams have different ways of doing things. So, yeah, I guess so.

Q. Have you had to be invited to Canada's World Juniors Camp, now you're going number 10 overall. Is there a message in there at all?
DYLAN McILRATH: I don't know. My goal is to make the team, and I hope to get a tryout in the winter and get a great start to next season and hope to prove them wrong.

Q. Have you been to New York before?
DYLAN McILRATH: I have not been to New York, so it will be exciting.

Q. Who were the other teams?
DYLAN McILRATH: Dallas, Anaheim, Vancouver, and Florida. So all of those teams.

Q. As a player, who do you pattern yourself after?
DYLAN McILRATH: I try to mold my game around Shea Weber type. I know in junior he was more my style of play. We had similar points and similar stats. So he was more of a shut down guy and then he developed offensively later. That's what I'm trying to do here.