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D'Antoni: Knicks Will Pitch 'Best Place In The World' To LeBron

New York Knicks’ coach Mike D’Antoni says the New York Knicks will use the greatness of New York City to their advantage in trying to convince LeBron James to play for them beginning next season.

D’Antoni either intentionally or unintentionally revealed to reporters Thursday night the team’s recruiting pitch to James come Thursday, when he can become a free agent. Essentially it will go something like this: we may not have a great team but we’ve got the greatest city on the planet and this is where you belong.

“We’re confident because we’ve got a great product and New York is very unique,” D’Antoni said. “We’re selling the best place in the world to come live and play. Sure you’re confident when you’ve got a great product and we have that.”

My take: That promises to be a much better strategy than pitching all the young talent the Knicks have to LeBron. Because they don’t have much.