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Warrant for Eddy Curry's Arrest Issued

Via the Chicago Tribune

A Cook County judge has issued an arrest warrant for former Chicago Bulls star Eddy Curry in connection with an unpaid settlement in a civil lawsuit that has been sealed, according to the Cook County Sheriff's office.

The arrest warrant was issued June 16 and comes after Curry allegedly failed to make full payment on a six-figure settlement involving a woman who sued Curry, according to court documents.

Sadly, my mind immediately jumps to whether or not this will allow the Knicks to void his monstrous $11 million contract, a move which would help them dramatically this offseason in terms of cap space and attracting free agent talent. Curry hasn't figured into the on-court plans much since Mike D'Antoni arrived, but his contract will have a huge role in making - but more likely breaking - the Knicks' free agency plans this summer.