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It's Draft Day in New York City

With the Knicks essentially pickless, I'm not attending the NBA draft tonight.

But since I live a hop-step, a skip pass, and an Allan Houston-range jumper from Madison Square Garden, I figured I'd go take a peek at the scene at MSG and do some old-fashioned iPhone photo taking.

In case you don't know, tickets to the NBA draft are sold in only one way: you have to go wait on line at MSG day of the draft. Tickets are only 15 bucks, but the fact that getting tickets requires standing on line for two hours in the middle of a midtown workday means only the diehards and semi-employed are able to acquire entrance to the draft.

Here's what MSG looked like at 10:50, ten minutes before tickets went on sale.

The line starts in MSG...


and keeps going...


and going...


and going...


and... going...


and going...


and last, but not least, going.


Hope none of your bosses read this and see you playing hooky from work to get draft tickets.