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Report: Knicks Targeting Armon Johnson

Earlier we noted that the Knicks were looking to move into the first round of the draft.

The New York Post’s Marc Berman is reporting that the Knicks may be targeting a point guard from Nevada.

The Knicks are looking at trading up for University of Nevada point guard Armon Johnson in a move that could eat up precious salary-cap space but give them a much-needed floor general, a source debriefed on team discussions told The Post.

For months, team president Donnie Walsh has considered trading up late into the first round for a player the Knicks really like, one they project as a rotation player next season.

The issue wasn’t the roughly $2 million it will cost to buy a first-rounder, but eating up the $1 million salary from their precious $34 million cap space.

SB Nation’s Posting and Toasting has also been following the other hot Knicks-related draft rumor: That the team is trying to trade for Portland Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez.