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Rumor: Nets Will Select Johnson To Increase Chances Of Signing Boozer In Free Agency

ESPN's Marc Stein has word on the latest theory making the NBA rounds, and it involves an explanation of why the Nets may select Syracuse swingman Wesley Johnson--and not Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins, the two top-tier big men in the draft--with the third overall pick in Thursday's Draft:

Multiple teams have passed along their belief to that the Nets have serious interest in Johnson at No. 3 largely because they believe it will help them land Utah’s Carlos Boozer in free agency.

New Jersey’s main position of emphasis once the free-agent market opens July 1 is power forward, with the Nets possessing an estimated $27 million in salary-cap space and with Brook Lopez and Devin Harris entrenched at center and point guard.

The connection between Johnson and Boozer? They're both represented by the same agent: Rob Pelinka.

The selection of Johnson would be a strong tip-off, sources say, that New Jersey will be chasing Boozer hardest when free agency commences, ahead of potential targets such as Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire.

For what it's worth--and it should be worth something, given his track record--Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress posted this message on his Twitter account this morning, saying the Nets will undoubtedly take Johnson.