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SB Nation New York Top Five: Subway Series Performances

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This week's SB Nation New York Top Five focuses on the just-completed Subway Series.

1. Mark Teixeira: Hit in all three games, including the game-tying home run on Saturday, and the grand slam that accounted for all of the runs in Sunday's 4-0 win that gave the Yankees the rubber game. It was only a matter of time until Teixeira started hitting; unfortunately for the Mets, that time came three games too early.

2. CC Sabathia: Eight shutout innings preserved the victory and the series win on Sunday, while providing the Yankee fans with the right to claim that their ace is the better ace. Left unresolved: who was the better actor in that Subway ad?

3. Jose Reyes: Though his hitting streak came to an end on Sunday, it was hard not to think that Reyes may well be the best shortstop in New York at this point. Derek Jeter failed to play Saturday due to injury, a reminder of his advanced age, while Reyes had an 11-game hitting streak and has a .913 OPS in June.

4. Hisanori Takahashi: Put doubts that he couldn't repeat his six shutout innings against the Yankees on a Friday night in New York- as he had in his first start against the Yankees- by pitching... six shutout innings against the Yankees on a Friday night in New York. Rumor has it he then made an ice sculpture for the love of his life, Andie McDowell.

5. Lady Gaga: She somehow got past security and into the Yankees' locker room without a press pass or pants. Now, I've never tried entering that generally locked-down room without a press pass. And I strongly suspect if I tried without wearing pants, it wouldn't have the same effect.