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New York Yankees' Trade Rumors

The New York Yankees recently shot down speculation they were interested in trading for Seattle starting pitcher Cliff Lee. Now, the buzz is that the Yankees might be looking to add a bat. [The link is to ESPN Insider, so if you aren't an Insider just stay right where you are.]

Manager Joe Girardi said that once catcher Jorge Posada is healthy enough to be considered a catcher and not a DH, the club can drop one of the other two backstops on the roster, likely Chad Moeller, and add a bat.

Girardi didn't go into specifics but he could have simply meant a bench bat from their own organization, but it's not as fun to speculate about a Triple-A backup, and it's certainly not out of the question that the Yankees go after a catcher -- making Posada the regular DH -- or a full-time designated hitter.

Washington's Adam Dunn could interest GM Brian Cashman, as could Milwaukee's Prince Fielder, Kansas City's Jose Guillen and White Sox 1B Paul Konerko. We'll keep tabs on the latest word out of the Bronx, because we all know they will be looking to add more talent as the summer passes.