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Van Gundy, Cavaliers A Match?

Jeff Van Gundy won’t coach the New Jersey Nets. He might, however, end up coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Van Gundy is on the Cavaliers’ short list to replace Mike Brown, as well. He might end up giving the Cavs the same brush-off treatment. At least, for now.

“I enjoy what I do right now,” Van Gundy said in a telephone interview. “In the future I do want to coach at some point.”

Van Gundy has a history of positive relationships with his stars from Patrick Ewing, Latrell Sprewell and Larry Johnson in New York to Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady in Houston. That and his reputation as a good defensive coach are believed to intrigue the Cavs.

Several sources close to Van Gundy insist he’s not planning on coaching this year. Could that change if LeBron James re-signs with the Cavs? It is isn’t clear at this point.

One thing is certain, Van Gundy said the Cavs offer a desirable position, not just because of James but because of the ownership and management that is in place and stable.

Making sure to qualify his comments that he was speaking in generalities and not as a potential candidate, Van Gundy praised both owner Dan Gilbert and General Manager Danny Ferry.

“Danny Ferry and their ownership have proven they care deeply about winning and about people,” Van Gundy said. “That is a winning combination to sell.”