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Langenbrunner to Remain Captain; Other Coaching Moves

Jamie Langenbrunner drew the ire of many Devils fans for his attitude with former head coach Jacques Lemaire, but it appears everyone will get a fresh start, as both GM Lou Lamoriello and new coach John MacLean said “unequivocally” they want Langenbrunner to remain the team’s captain:

“I think Jamie is a great leader,” MacLean said. “I actually played with him briefly (in Dallas in 2001) and having coached him I think he’s good for what we’re going to try to do here in the future. He’s been tremendous with the young guys and himself being a veteran he’ll be able to help everybody with the transition.”

As for the rest of the Devils coaching staff, Tom Gulitti went into detail about it, but here’s a name-by-name, quick explanation of what’s happening to everyone in the New Jersey shuffle:

Scott Stevens: Instead of part-time assistant, will be a “roving coach” between Devils and their minor league affiliates.
Tommy Albelin: After years as an assistant, will likely move to being assistant in Albany.
Mario Tremblay: Jacques Lemaire’s top assistant will be a special assignment coach.

Also, Gulitti mentioned Jersey Jim Dowd as a possible final assistant coach.