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New Jersey Devils Don’t Appear To Have Any Likely Buyout Candidates

I was also able to talk to the Devils expert on SBNation John Fischer from In Lou We Trust. Here is what he had to say about the Devils' potential buyout options:

It doesn’t appear that any Devils will be bought out. Jay Pandolfo was a possibility since he declined so sharply in the last 2 seasons and his current deal ends in 2011.

But since he decided to wait until after the season to get surgery, he’s now “injured” and so can’t be bought out this summer.

I didn’t expect the Devils to be majorly involved, or involved at all really, in the buyout process. While Lou Lamoriello has had a rough couple of months, generally he doesn’t make mistakes that require drastic moves like buyouts.

Regardless, we will keep you up to date if the Devils do, in fact, decide to go through with this option.