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Field Turf Will Get Scrutiny From Giants, Jets

Well, this did not take long. In the wake of Domenik Hixon’s season-ending knee injury, suffered Tuesday, New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said an investigation of the New Meadowlands Stadium Field Turf is underway.

"I’m not a field person, but I talked to some people who are in charge of the field," Reese said. "(We discussed) the different amount of pellets in the FieldTurf and the tray system in the middle of the field (with the removable logos). We’re discussing if that’s the right thing to do or not. We have a little bit of time, but time is of the essence right now in terms of figuring out what we need to do."

The seams in the field seemed to be of particular concern to Reese, even though he insisted that had nothing to do with Hixon’s injury, which occurred when he appeared to catch his foot in the turf while trying to field a punt.

"Obviously there’s some seams if you take (one team logo) out and put different logos in that have to be taken care of properly," Reese said. "They’re very concerned about that. Hopefully we can get those things taken care of. I don’t think it’ll be an issue, but we’re going to make sure that it’s not an issue.

"Where Domenik went down yesterday it had nothing to do with the seams. He was just running over there close to the numbers. There are no seams there or anything. It just happened. It’s just a freak thing that happens some times in sports and we’ll just have to deal with it."

Reese actually didn’t think Hixon’s injury had anything to do with the FieldTurf. "It could’ve happened right out here on the grass field," he insisted. He said he had a clear look at the play and said "It didn’t look like his foot got caught. It was like he was kind of weaving a little bit and his knee just buckled a little bit. It could’ve happened anywhere."