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Get To Know A Blogger: Howard Megdal Edition

Howard Megdal is the subject of today's next post in the 'Get To Know A Blogger' series, in which I seek to introduce you to the writers here at SB Nation New York.

SB Nation New York staff writer Howard Megdal is the 'poet laureate' at SB Nation's New York Mets website, Amazin' Avenue. He also comes to us with a wide array of writing experience, and a vast knowledge of New York sports.

Howard is the subject of today's next post in the 'Get To Know A Blogger' series, in which I seek to introduce you to the writers here at SB Nation New York.

1. Can you expand on your bio a little and tell us more about some of the work you have done, and what you hope to bring to SB Nation New York?

For me, it is always a question of finding an outlet that dovetail with my passions. So when I created The Perpetual Post, for instance, it was to create a place on the Web that allowed room for divergent viewpoints, reasonably discussed. is a great fit for me because I have a deep knowledge of the New York Mets and Big East basketball (and a terrific editor).

So when I got the chance to write for SB New York, the opportunity to roam freely around all the New York sports scene was too tempting to pass up.

2. We know you are the 'poet laureate' at Amazin' Avenue. What is with all the poetry, anyway? And yes, I'm challenging you to answer this question with a poem.

Poetry exists to sum up extreme emotion
And baseball, of course, demands constant devotion
So Mets games affect me, for better, for worse
And I deal with such feelings the best through my verse

3. Favorite New York teams? Any that you just can't stand?

I love the Mets, will get belligerent in defense of Patrick Ewing and the Knicks, and root for the Giants. I am a supporter of the New York Red Bulls as well. College-wise, I grew up a Georgetown Hoyas fan, and am to this day- though I love all college basketball, and can't wait for the day St. John's returns to prominence.

And, as someone raised by a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, I am legally obligated to boo when passing Yankee Stadium on the Major Deegan Expressway.

4. Your five favorite New York athletes of all time?

1. Darryl Strawberry - He, like me, was tall, left-handed, and got told by his superiors that he was underachieving.
2. Patrick Ewing - Anyone who booed Patrick Ewing shouldn't be allowed into MSG when LeBron gets here. Period.
3. Jose Reyes - Not sure there's been a more exciting player to watch in New York Mets history.
4. David Wright - Best everyday player the Mets ever produced. Doubters, wake up! You're booing our Mike Schmidt!
5. A tie: Dave Meggett, Sid Fernandez, Butch Huskey, Bill Pulsipher- each for different reasons, all players I'd pay to see again.

5. Your favorite New York sporting memory? Your worst moment as a New York sports fan?

Favorite is hard, so many to choose from. Watching Game 5 of the 1994 NBA Finals in a little box under OJ's famous chase. Seeing Bobby Jones' one-hitter and the 2006 NL East clincher in person.

If I have to pick one, it is watching Game 3 of the 1986 NLCS with my father at home. When Lenny Dykstra hit the two-run homer off of Dave Smith, my father got up and danced. And he's not the dancing sort. Then we went to a library book sale, and I got a pile of baseball books up to my head. I was hooked. And I have been ever since.