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Avery Johnson Meets The Media, Expresses Hope For Nets' Future

The New Jersey Nets introduced Avery Johnson as their newest head coach this afternoon, and Johnson was bursting with optimism. Nets Daily, SB Nation's Nets blog, has more from the news conference:

Avery Johnson opened his comments at Tuesday's press conference by promising, as did his boss, to win the NBA championship. "I'm going to work morning, noon and night to get the Big Trophy," said Johnson.

"The sky's the limit," said Johnson in front of dozens of reporters and cameramen at the PNY Center. "We can go from worst to first."

However, he acknowledges that optimism can only take a team so far:

"I'm all about dreaming. I have a big dream in my mind right now in terms of where this franchise can go and where we can take it. I see all of the possibilities, but that's going to require a lot of discipline and details and determination."